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Optavia Potato Waffle Hack

Optavia Potato Waffle Hack. 2 flat breads count as 1/3 lean and 2 green! Add 1/2 a lean more to complete your lean and green meal!

Optavia Potato Waffle Hack from

Optavia brownie fueling hack 1 pack optavia decadent brownie mix 2 tbsp water 2 tbsp egg whites sugar free syrup red fat margarine mix brownie mix with wet ingredients and dash for 2 mins each. Optavia potato waffle hack stigman thanksgiving brunch nutrition recipes snack hacks dash recipe potato snacks lean protein meals greens recipe garlic mashed potatoes lean and green meals. 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk.

Optavia Brownie Fueling Hack 1 Pack Optavia Decadent Brownie Mix 2 Tbsp Water 2 Tbsp Egg Whites Sugar Free Syrup Red Fat Margarine Mix Brownie Mix With Wet Ingredients And Dash For 2 Mins Each.

All lc cheese wedges count as 1 condiment, except the original swiss which counts as 1 healthy fat. • work with your optavia coach to follow our proven • optimal weight 5 &. The entire lite crust counts as 1/2 a lean and 3 greens on the 5&1 plan!

Pour Waffle Mixture Into Waffle Maker.

Lightly spray hot waffle iron with cooking spray and pour mixture into iron. 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk. Add 1/2 a lean more to complete your lean and green meal!

2 Tbsp Egg Whites (0.06 Lean) 1/4 Cup Shredded Cheese (1/4 Lean) Pam Spray (1 Condiment) Directions:

See more ideas about lean and green meals, medifast recipes, greens recipe. About pancake waffle optavia hack. Microwave on high for 11/2 minutes, then stir.

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Optavia Potato Waffle Hack Stigman Thanksgiving Brunch Nutrition Recipes Snack Hacks Dash Recipe Potato Snacks Lean Protein Meals Greens Recipe Garlic Mashed Potatoes Lean And Green Meals.

2 flat breads count as 1/3 lean and 2 green! Close lid and cook until done, approximately 10 to 12 minutes. Pour batter into middle and spread out slightly until it is a thick even layer.

Spray The Waffle Maker With Pam.

Optavia sweet potato muffins fueling hack ingredients: Delicious cauliflower crusts shipped to your door! 1 medifast or optavia potato package (any flavor) 4 oz.

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